50-100x potencial? Drop your thoughts in the comments

What is the coin that is going to do 100x under the next bull run? I get asked this a lot It’s not going to be Bitcoin Market cap is too big and we’ll put Bitcoin at four and a half million dollars But I think there’s potential of a lot of coins doing 50 to 100x soon I’ve been in crypto for four to five years I’ve done my research And the key for a coin to do that is their utility, their use case, and their tokenomics I’m going to talk about two coins that have excellent tokenomics and have amazing use case The first one I got in about four or five months ago at 6 cents It’s LCX LCX is a cryptocurrency exchange just like Coinbase, but it’s based in Lichtenstein And it’s the only crypto exchange that complies with all regulations in Europe It already had a huge pump I bought it at 6 cents It’s around 28 cents right now But I think this is a coin that could potentially go between five and eight dollars So imagine the potential gains that you would have from 28 cents to five, six, seven, eight dollars Having regulatory clarity is one of the key things for this coin to do that And there also came up with something called diamonds, like diamonds, but with a T It’s basically tokenized diamonds, NFTs, mainly For people that don’t know, NFTs are non-fungible tokens And these diamonds are going to have their own deflationary token called TIA I think they’re doing things right They have a lot of use case Their tokenomics are amazing And it’s been pumping People are talking about it a lot So do your own research and take a look The second coin is AIOZ AIOZ is trying basically to revolutionize the streaming and storage of text, audio and video streaming on the Internet So YouTube, any streaming platform, TikTok, basically being decentralized You know how social media censors your content sometimes? Well, this is going to avoid that Freedom of speech, basically AIOZ is trading at not even 13 cents It’s all-time high and it’s almost $3 It has a market cap of $135 million So a 10X on this coin is $1.2 And a 100X on this coin is $12 I don’t know if a 100X is possible, but I think we could reach $5, $6, $7 No problem As I always say, do your own research If you have any questions, just ask I’ll try to answer anything here I love you guys.


What does AIOZ network do?

AIOZ Network is a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) that aims to revolutionize the way digital content is distributed and consumed. It allows users to stream and share high-quality video content faster and more efficiently by leveraging unused device resources within the network. This peer-to-peer network ensures faster streaming, lower costs, and better user experiences for content creators and consumers.

How much is the AIOZ coin worth?

The value of the AIOZ coin can vary and is subject to market fluctuations. The current price of an AIOZ coin can be checked on various cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

What is the rank of AIOZ?

I am unable to provide real-time ranking information, as rankings can change frequently. I recommend checking a trusted financial website or platform for the most up-to-date information on AIOZ’s rank.

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