Top 4 Cryptos that Can 100x by 2025 πŸ’°

Top four AI cryptos that will 100X by 2025 Let’s see what they got Ocean Protocol, artificial intelligence plus tokenized data for science research on ERC 20 So Ocean Protocol is a pretty decent AI project It’s actually one of the leaders in this sector However, they’re already sitting at a $261 million market cap, which means a 100X is going to be highly unlikely Header up OK, I can tell you right now, Header is definitely not going to 100X But let’s see what they got to say Artificial intelligence projects can use Heterolayer 1 built on top of it OK, really not a lot of info there But Header is a layer one that utilizes the hash graph But this is a token that even though it’s already sitting at a multi-billion dollar market cap, I do not expect to 100X I mean, I would like to see Header maybe hit the 50, 60 or 70 cent range again This bull cycle near protocol Layer one to build AI projects on top of it very fast and scalable So near is an awesome project It’s one of the top leading layer ones out there sitting at a multi-billion dollar market cap And while this project has a lot of upside potential, again, is this a product that’s going to 100X? I highly doubt it And it’s not even an AI project Gala Oh, my gosh Yeah, Gala OK, what are we going to see here? Artificial intelligence powered game characters Train AI models and virtual economies Yeah, Gala has one of the worst tokenomics out of every project Now, if you guys have followed me for a while, you know I trash on this a lot, but it’s because it’s true The investors, the early founders took like 70 to 80 million dollars and went and bought a private jet with their investor funds If it’s highly unrealistic, this will ever see a 100X.


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